Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vintage Baby Rocking Horse

I once shared a vintage baby rocker that belonged to Jake when he was little! 

This rocking horse is another piece that belonged to Jake; we are happy that it was saved for our sweet Emma! 

As you can tell, he is missing several parts and pieces, and needs a little TLC! 

Since he only had one ear, I started by taking that off and using it as a template to provide him with two new ones.

I folded these two ears in half and stapled them to the head of the rocking horse with a staple gun so that the open flaps were facing outward.

I used leftover scraps of the leather piece to replace the rocking horse's nose strap that was falling off and stapled that to him as well.

Then, I stained the 8 little wooden button caps with a Golden Pecan Wood Finish stain by Minwax. 

I used these to recover the screws that were being shown at the bottom of the rocking horse.

Here are the 8 caps stained and ready for glue.

I used Krazy Glue to attach them to the rocking horse over the screws.

Then, I used the same color stain on the larger wooden button caps that would be used to cover screws on the seat of the horse, and to the wooden dowel rod that would be used to replace the missing handle. 

Here he is with new life! ;)

He still has is wear and tear scratches, but that's just because he was loved so much by his original rider. 
Now he is set for a new one!

Isn't he just precious?!


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