Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall Fashion

Happy Tuesday!

Since next week is the first official day of the fall season (the 22nd to be exact), and fall is my favorite, I thought I would write about my list of top ten fall fashion items! 

1. Plaid.

Plaid flannel shirts are a must have this season.

2. Don't pack away your white jeans just yet! Call me a rebel, but the whole, "no white after Labor Day" is not really a rule to follow anymore.

3. Vests are a great statement piece to add and spice up any outfit.

Source Unknown
4. Bootie, bootie, bootie rock'n everywhere!  ;)

5. A fabulous fall hat can be great, especially when you just throw something on and head out the door. Floppy hats or fedoras are my personal favorites!

6. A scarf is probably my favorite fall accessory, and if you click on the source, there are some various ways to tie one. 

7. A classic, chic, chambray shirt!

This piece can be worn in several different ways:
Wear it alone, under a blazer, under a sweater, open over something else, pair it with a skirt, or tie it up over a maxi...the possibilities are endless! :)

8. Colored jeans are so fun to me; maroon, forest green, and deep purple are great fall colors! Buy them in a skinny or boot cut, and you can wear them with flats or boots!

9. I love keeping my dresses out and being able to continue wearing them in the cool, crisp weather! Just pair them with some leggings and boots and you're all set!


10. Cardigans! You can never have too many cardigans, no matter what the season! Am I right, or am I right!?

Wear it over anything: tie it together with a belt over your dress with leggings, a plaid shirt, your fabulous chambray.


I hope these items inspired you for fall fashion! 

What are some of your top ten fall fashion items?


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