Friday, February 28, 2014

Antique Dresser Rehab - Stage 2

I recently showed you stage 1 of the rehab that this antique dresser went through here. I mentioned that this dresser needed some assistance with its drawers, or lack there of, and here is a before photo of one that was missing the majority of the bottom...yes, that is how I bought it.

I know, Jake and I had our work cut out for us! 

I needed to replace all of the bottoms of the drawers so that they would actually be put to their use.

River was not amused, but she sure was enjoying the sunshine! ;)

Jake and I headed to Lowe's and picked up a huge thing of plywood and some small nails.

First, we Jake measured each of the drawer's length and width, drew the outline pattern that was necessary for each one, and put that electric saw of his to good work. 

Then, we held the plywood in place and hammered in nails along the edges using these wire nails.

We used these nails because screws would strip the wood with how old it is.

Finally, we were finished!
The drawers are now ready for our baby girl's clothes and necessities for changing, since this is going to get the double use as a changing table.

Here are the final results, fabulous new drawers, knobs, and all!
Enjoy! ;)

Even with its imperfections, this dresser is a beauty!

Aren't these knobs just perfect?

What do you think of the final results?
Anything that you're working on right now?


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