Monday, February 24, 2014

Antique Dresser Rehab - Stage 1

Several weeks ago I was searching thrift stores and Craigslist for a dresser to give a facelift to for the baby's nursery. I wanted something that I could get the double use out of for a changing table as well. 

I found this run down, antique dresser with adorable key holes in each of the drawers for only $20.00 on Craigslist! Can you say SOLD?!

Aren't those key holes just to die for? I love them! Besides the cuteness that this dresser owns, it needed a lot of TLC, and rehab appointments! 

First, I used a stripping gel (with no harsh fumes for this pregnant lady) that I applied with a paint brush.
I let it sit for about 12-15 minutes and scrapped the old stain off with a putty knife. 

Once I stripped all of the stain (this took me a few days), I sanded it down completely with an electric sander. I also used a little rubbing alcohol and a cloth to remove any excess sticky residue that was left behind. This was either from the stripping gel, the old stain, or both. I'm not sure what it was from but, the bottle recommended this and it definitely helped. 

Finally, I was able to give this baby a new skin using the stain that already had polyurethane in it. I only bought a small 8 oz bottle of it in Mission Oak Satin and have plenty left over.

To apply the stain, I used an old sock. I dipped the sock into the stain and rubbed it all over the dresser until the whole thing was covered. After letting it dry for probably not long enough about an hour, I took a different sock and wiped the excess off that the wood did not soak in. 
{The wood will only soak in as much as it can with each coat applied}

You may not be able to tell much in the pictures, but I am loving the fresh look and smooth feel that this antique dresser now has. I debated about filling in any of the gaps in the wood, but decided to leave them because I feel that it gives it character. Plus, like I said, this baby is an antique!

I also love the detail of the strip of wooden beads at the bottom! Don't you?

Here is a picture of the knobs that came with it. I realized that one was significantly larger than the other 5 so, I am not going to put them back on since that is a clear sign to me that they are not all the original knobs. With me not knowing which were, I am just going to buy some that I like for it! 
I can't wait to show you!

Stay tuned! In the next blog post I'll share how I repaired the dresser drawers, or lack there of, and the final before and after results!

What do you think of the new stain color? How do you like it so far? 


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