Friday, March 7, 2014

Old Shutter DIY

I was recently thrifting the area with one of my best friends when we came across this huge warehouse type building with junk treasures all along the outside. Yes, of course we decided to stop in, which is where I got a pair of these amazing old shutters! 

I knew I was going to use it in a little DIY project and couldn't wait to see its transformation!

I decided to take off that strip of wood down the center with some pliers by unhooking that little 'J' shape piece from the other piece; easy as pie.

Then, I used a little spray paint magic, turned it from drabby brown to uplifting white, and gave it a little distressing to the sides and corners. 

I drilled some holes along the bottom where I removed the old knob to replace it with 4 new ones I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby (of course). ;)

Now we have this "Old Shutter's" transformation to a new jewelry or towel hanger!
< It's ready for use >

What do you think?
This was such a simple DIY project.
 I am loving the transformation and I think it will look so cute hanging on the wall!

Have a happy Friday!


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